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Authorized Agent Referral Program

How does our authorized agent referral program work?

Now you can get paid to help businesses obtain financing with BUC Financial. For a limited time, we're recruiting associates for our unique referral program that will pay any authorized referral agent a 2% commmission on the total amount of any approved term loan generated through the authorized referral agent. If you know a business owner who would be interested in working capital for their business and you believe that business meets our basic qualifications below, you could refer that business, and when that business is approved, receive a hefty commission payment. If the business is not approved for a term loan, but is approved for a line of credit, we still offer a $100 flat referral fee.

Downloadable Documentation: Term LoanTerm Loan and Line of CreditLine of Credit Only   Adobe

Amount of Term Loan: Commission Paid to Referrer:
 $6,000.00  $120.00
 $10,000.00  $200.00
 $25,000.00  $500.00
 $50,000.00  $1,000.00
 $150,000.00  $3,000.00
 $250,000.00  $5,000.00
 $500,000.00  $10,000.00


What type of business can get funding?

If a business has been operating for at least a year and is a healthy business within an industry on our extensive preferred borrowers list they may qualify for a small business loan up to as much as “$500,000.00” (paid back over 3 – 36 months) or a line of credit for up to “$100,000.00” (paid back over 6 – 12 months).

The majority of businesses which are approved for these types of loans usually have:

  • A minimum of $1,000.00 in their business checking account at all times.
  • A minimum of 1 year in business.
  • An owner of the company with at least a 500 FICO score (at least decent credit).
  • No bankruptcy or foreclosures filed in at least the last two years.
  • The business brought in at least $8,500.00 in the last 90 days.


    These types of loans are generally expected to be used for the following:

  • To acquire an existing business or a competitor.
  • Purchase inventory.
  • Invest in new technology or equipment.
  • Expand or renovate facilities.
  • Advertise to increase sales and traffic.
  • Hire new staff.
  • Support day to day operations.
  • Meet short term obligations.
  • Pay taxes.
  • Handle unexpected expenses.


    Businesses that will be, in most cases, immediately declined for financing are the following:

  • Adult entertainment and materials.
  • Drug dispensaries.
  • Firearms vendors.
  • Government, non-profits, or public administration.
  • Horoscope and fortune telling businesses.
  • Lotteries, casinos, raffles, gaming and gambling businesses.
  • Money services businesses.
  • Religious or civic organizations.
  • Rooming and boarding houses.


    To qualify for one of these loans it depends not only on the business owners credit worthiness but also on the sales volume of the business so businesses with poor credit yet healty sales volumn can still qualify.

    Authorized agents need only collect and verify the following:

    1. The owners name (first and last).
    2. The owner’s email and best phone number.
    3. The company name and company phone number.
    4. The number of years in business.
    5. The monthly sales volume.
    6. Three recent bank statements.

    For more information on the referral program call or email us at: referrals[at]

    To learn more about the process of acquiring working capital visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. Ready to apply? Start your application now and get matched with up to $500,000 today!

    Additional Details: Eligibility for the lowest rates with prospective lenders is limited, available only to businesses with the strongest creditworthiness, cash flow, and typically businesses that have shown an excellent payment history on prior loans. Rates subject to change without notice. Lines of Credit allow borrowers to draw the cash directly into a business checking account at any time. Only pay interest on what you draw. Pay back your balance early any time. Receive line of credit draws almost immediately in your bank account. Loans in good standing are eligible for renewal once they are 50% paid down and meet the following criteria: No more than 3 missed payments during past loan term. Zero past due balances at time of renewal. No stacking small business financing with other lenders. The renewal will be a new loan in which a portion of the proceeds is used to pay off the current active loan. Required for approval on all loans: Recent banks statements. We work with a very expansive list of industries; please see the list of preferred borrowers. A one-time origination fee to cover the cost of processing the loan may apply depending on the lender. For more information please see our frequently asked questions.
    Downloadable Documentation: Term Loan, Term Loan and Line of Credit, Line of Credit Only   Adobe